Bergen is a huge source of inspiration. Nature, the beach, but also the people who live and come here to enjoy our beautiful village in the north west of Holland.
I'm so happy to live and work here. Many companies started and developed in Bergen. I've been able to contribute to a few of them in the past.
Currently I am mainly working on MooiWeer Terschelling and, in addition, with a startup called "De Lieve Tandarts",  a platform for the best dentists in the Netherlands.

MooiWeer is a great company on the wad island Terschelling, which organises (outdoor) activities for tourists and exciting events, seminars and teambuilding activities for companies.
Currently I'm working on these projects:

MooiWeer Terschelling, for the most enjoyable activities and the best company outing on the island of Terschelling

De Lieve Tandarts,  online platform for the sweetest dentists, holiday opportunities for Cyprus, Malta, Israël, Jordany, Oman and the Emirates

Appartement in Valencia, the best luxurious apartment from where to discover Valencia. (near by the beach)

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